There are millions of financial transactions between businesses and individuals every day. It is an unfortunate truth that most businesses, sooner or later, will have a client or customer that does not pay its bills. This can create a huge financial burden on businesses and individuals that cannot collect payment for goods and services, or on personal debts owed to them. Involving an experienced lawyer in the collection process can increase the likelihood of full or partial recovery, even if the debtor files for bankruptcy protection.

How We Can Help

Wold Johnson has decades of experience securing payment for our clients through various methods. We understand that our clients not only need to collect the monies due them, but often to maintain business relationships with debtors. With our firm grasp of state and federal debt collection law, we are able to effectively collect the money you are owed. While the majority of our collections clients are businesses, we represent individual creditors as well.

  • Delinquent Accounts. An outstanding bill is something many people do not have experience dealing with. How do you get the bill paid? Sometimes a letter from an attorney achieves results when similar communication from you does not. If you engage us to collect your delinquent accounts, we consult with you through each step of the collection process regarding which actions are worthwhile to take. We can negotiate financial workouts, settlements, and confessions of judgment as alternatives to time consuming and costly litigation.
  • Litigation and Bankruptcy. In some cases, litigation is inevitable. We will be straightforward about your options, your chances of success, and the associated costs to prevent you from throwing good money after bad. If litigation is the appropriate path, our firm is experienced in litigating collection matters as efficiently as possible. We also represent creditors in bankruptcy matters, including Chapter 7, 11, and 13 bankruptcies to ensure your rights are protected even if the debtor files bankruptcy.
  • Debt Collection. With a judgment in place, you will need legal counsel to then collect the money from the debtor. Our attorneys can help you enforce money judgments, including child support and spousal support. We know how to search for assets available to satisfy your judgment. We work with our clients to pursue an appropriate remedy, whether this requires execution, garnishments, judgment debtor examinations, judgment liens, commercial and consumer foreclosure actions, registration of judgments to and from other jurisdictions, or disputes involving the priority of liens and security interests.

Our goal is to represent creditor clients as professionally and cost-effectively
as possible to maximize their collections and positive cash flow.

Attorneys Practicing Collections

John V. Boulger Erin D. Larsgaard