Workplace disharmony and disputes are detrimental to both employers and employees. Today's workplace requires compliance with intersecting federal, state, and local laws that prohibit discrimination and retaliation and require meticulous compliance with multiple wage and hour laws. The recent explosion of employment-related lawsuits has greatly affected the employee-employer relationship, which is constantly evolving as new employment laws are enacted and new cases make their way through the courts and administrative agencies. The need for the involvement of experienced legal counsel for both employers and employees is clear.

How We Can Help

Our law firm offers a variety of services to help keep pace with the changing workplace. This law firm represents employers, executives, privately employed individuals, government workers and other parties in dispute resolution, litigation, and appeals; compensation packages and employee agreements; and administrative hearings.

  • Daily Concerns. Sometimes, the best advice is that which can help a client to avoid litigation in the first place. Wold Johnson can provide valued counsel to clients on routine, yet complicated issues that arise daily in the workplace, such as employee discipline and termination, workplace investigations, wage and hour compliance, employment agreements, severance agreements, and recruitment practices.
  • Agreement Review. Whether it is a separation agreement, partnership agreement, shareholders agreement, operating agreement, confidentiality agreement, non-solicitation or non-competition agreement, deferred compensation agreement, equity purchase agreement, or commission or bonus agreement, we are experienced and skilled at reviewing and negotiating agreements to the benefit of our employer and employee clients. A thoughtful review of the proposed terms of these agreements before execution is invaluable in generating and retaining wealth and in continuing to work in a similar industry after an agreement or employment relationship concludes. Similarly, we will provide counsel to employers and employees on whether an agreement is enforceable and, if so, ways in which to conduct oneself to insure compliance and avoid litigation.
  • Handbook Preparation and Review. Careful preparation beforehand often avoids costly disputes down the road. To assist employers, we can draft and review employee handbooks and policies and procedures, including those pertaining to drug testing, sexual harassment, the FMLA, and immigration law compliance. We also assist in establishing affirmative action plans.
  • Employment Litigation. We have significant experience handling cases in both state and federal courts involving discrimination, harassment, retaliation, wrongful termination, whistleblower, wage and hour, restrictive covenant, breach of contract, and employment tort claims. Whether you are the employer or employee, we will protect your rights throughout the court process.

Our goal is to fervently protect the rights of our
employer and employee clients in the workplace.

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